November 2015 Newsletter

Discussion Topic for This Month: The Syrian/Iraq Refugee Crisis

Syrian refugee montage
Is it an overwhelming catastrophe, depressing calamity or unsolvable horror?
How should we respond?
Is our (the U.S.) response to the emergency adequate?
Is there a moral imperative for us to do more?
What are the issues driving the problem and what can be done to resolve it?
Bring your reflections, perspectives, observations, and ideas to the discussion!

What is the US response to the refugee crisis?

Is climate change a factor in the refugee crisis?                               YES:                 NO:

Oxfam urges G20 leaders to take action on climate change, refugees and tax reform 

How to help refugees: 6 groups doing important work 

Scorecard (A+ – F) for charities providing emergency services to the people of Syria