The (In)Efficacy of Prayer

A perfect commentary on the matter:

Kids Without Religion

In response to the request for prayers from the family of the 9-year-old who tragically shot her instructor in Arizona, I posted this, which I think many of you will understand:

Dear God: 

As a compassionate American, I was asked to pray for the family of a shooting victim and well as the children affected by the accident. I’m not sure what the hell you’re supposed to do about this, God, or what it even means to pray, but first, a little background.  (Read the rest here.)

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One thought on “The (In)Efficacy of Prayer

  1. Joyce

    Religion and (logically following) prayer has been described as the opiate of the people. Better yet perhaps it is the placebo of the people. It is a source of comfort to many in times of mild to horrific life crises. Tho like a placebo for a treatable disease, it may detract from seeking solutions to the prevention of unhinkable tragedies.

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