Skeptics and Atheists of Durango NEWSLETTER May 21, 2014

Skeptics and Atheists of Durango        May 21, 2014

“Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived “   -Galileo Galilei


*Durango’s Radio Free-Thinkers…Not With a Bang, but a Thud

For the past few weeks several members of our group have attended meetings at FLC regarding our application for a weekly radio show over the summer break.  Our application for a talk/music show themed on Science/Atheism in History/Interviews/etc. was accepted, but the premise turns out to be incompatible with KDUR’s format which is all music, most of the time.  On our first show, we tried to comply by limiting our interviews, promos and comments to: 60, or less, while playing the requisite three newly released songs per hour; since then, the Program Director has raised the requirement for ‘new, unheard-on-any-other-station’ music to five cuts per hour or ten per show.  So this summer’s show will be less ‘Free Thinker’ and more ‘music not heard anywhere else’.

For the volunteers who’ve learned how to run a radio board, read announcements and how to comply with an FCC log, it has been a fun (I hope) adventure which will continue until early September when our commitment is completed.

If anyone under the age of 25 would like to consult on the ‘new’ music selection, your help would be greatly appreciated…please get in touch!


* New Study Strengthens Gut Bacteria-Autism Link

Bacteria living in the intestines and colon may affect symptoms of autism.  Researchers at ArizonaStateUniversity found that children with autism have a very different make-up when it comes to gut germs, compared to children without autism. More importantly, chemicals produced by these bacteria may affect the brain, they told a meeting of the American Society for Microbiology.  It is a first, small, study and has not yet been peer-reviewed…but will fecal transplants be The Answer to autism?


* Young Man Crushed to Death by Giant Crucifix

Fallen Cross


A 21 year old student was crushed to death last month, when a wooden, 98-foot tall crucifix, dedicated to

Pope John Paul II, toppled on him in the Italian village of Cevo.  Was it an Omen?  It happened just days before

John Paul II and Pope John XXIII were canonized

as Saints of the Roman Catholic Church.



* Pew Research: Religion and Public Life

Religious belief in America!  28% of respondents (all over 18) have switched from the religion of their birth.  Among Americans 18 – 29, 25% profess no religious affiliation….Protestants of various stripes account for 51% of Americans…the Catholic church suffered the largest loss of affiliation.  And SO MUCH MORE….

To contribute content to the Newsletter or to volunteer your knowledge of current music:


Sunday July 6, 2014     Cormac McCarthy’s The Road

All discussions are 9:30AM at Durango Joe’s  732 E. College Drive

Please DO NOTPARK in Joe’s lot…use the side streets for parking.

And please, if you are buying your books, consider buying from a local book seller


3 thoughts on “Skeptics and Atheists of Durango NEWSLETTER May 21, 2014

  1. Caleb O

    For whatever it’s worth, I think that quote is an Issac Asimov quote. I sincerely doubt Galileo actually said it.

  2. Thanks for the tip…hopefully, the newsletter is seen by members of the Skeptics/Atheist group via email notifications when newsletters are posted. I never considered trying to reach people outside the group, but maybe I should.

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