Durango’s Radio Free Thinkers on KDUR-FM 91.9 and 93.9

We are on target to begin our radio presence on the airwaves (and live streaming from the KDUR website) beginning with a program on Saturday May 10 at 3PM.  Due to a change in scheduling, our show will be TWO HOURS and not the three hour slot as originally planned.  Our slot is 3PM – 5PM every Saturday through the middle of September.  Our show will be leading into to the Latin Music block!  We hope to leave a few listeners for them!

Adrian Tillery and Charles McDuffie are signed on as regular alternate hosts so that the three of us can cover each other for summer vacations and other absences.  We have several people interested in doing some of the behind the scenes work…we could use people to produce single or serial segments on whatever topic that falls within the Skeptic/Atheist/Religion/Culture umbrella.   The station is primarily a NEW MUSIC format, so we will be treading lightly on the serious topics.  Adrian has already been in touch to say we have to be very careful not to alienate…we are more about explaining ourselves that we are going to be about de-converting anyone.  I am just anxious to share the fact that Atheists, Agnostics and the General Un-Churched are welcome to share our group.

Thanks for your support…if you have any ideas you’d like to pursue (or would like us to pursue) please let me know at larrybollinger@comcast.net.  I am already plotting to interview Our Leader, Kathleen O’Conner about the genesis of the group, maybe Mark Masor will reprise his Vitamin D lecture; Professor of Philosophy Dugald Owen has promised to make an appearance later in the summer.  I am going to try and line up a few interesting interviews with people making ‘atheist news’.  Just as a rough guide,  no feature should be longer than 90 seconds.  Interviews will be five minutes at the max…we don’t want to wear out our welcome!  We just want to plant a few seeds as the revered co-founder of the group, Clayton Nash, used to remind us.  Maybe we can lure Clayton into the studio for a few choice words!



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