Durango’s Radio Free-Thinker is ON THE AIR!! Almost

My dear fellow Skeptics and Atheists of Durango…our group has been awarded a three-hour slot on Ft. Lewis College’s radio station KDUR 91.9 and 93.9 FM. It will be each Saturday afternoon, 3PM – 6PM.   I applied for a Sunday slot at the same time, but it was unavailable.  Adrian, if you see this please drop me an email at larrybollinger@comcast.net.  I accepted the slot before checking with you…I’ll cover all shifts, if you are not available…but I HOPE you ARE!

The first show will be Saturday, May 10 and the show will air each weekend into September!  Yikes!



3 thoughts on “Durango’s Radio Free-Thinker is ON THE AIR!! Almost

  1. modalursine

    If you need to play more music, how about songs such as Die Gedanken Sint Frie and Tom Lehrer’s “Vatican Rag” which promote free thinking and make mock of the other kind?

    The requirement for a bigger percentage of music vs talk could actually be doing us a favor, so lets make the most of it!

  2. Thanks for the input…the last show of the summer season was 9/6, so we atheists are ‘off the air’ now. I did play some songs of that nature, but decided that I would limit commentary to announcing the existence of our group and our monthly meetings. Constantly ragging on how stupid religion is would be a bore in short order, so I emphasized (since a large part of KDUR’s small audience is composed of college kids) registering to vote and understanding some of the main political issues of the day. Our original concept was radically altered by the format of the station…to do an actual ‘talk’ show would be A LOT more work to produce on a weekly basis…I would be interested in discussing it, but it would have to be a true group effort. The station has just started its ‘fall’ season, so the schedule is set through December at this point.

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